Pyristat Solution

Each tablet contains:
Each mL contains:

  • Sodium Sulfaquinoxaline.......13mg
  • pyrimethamine Hydrochloride....50mg
  • Menadione(Vitamin K3)..........1mg

    for the Control of avian malaria and coccidiosis in fighting cocks,poultry and racing pigeons.

    Dosage & Administration:

  • Prevention: 5ml (1tsp) per gallon for 3 consecutive days
  • Treatment: 10ml (2tsp) per gallon for 3 consecutive days, rest for 2days and resume treatment for another 3 days
  • Stags: 0.5 -1ml/head
  • Cocks/Breeders: 1-2ml/L per head
  • Racing Pigeons: 1mL per liter for 3 consecutive days.
  • Pigs, Lambs and Calves: 1mL per 10 kg bodyweight in drinking water for 5 consecutive days